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Energy storage Products

Super capacitor Module
Part #
0 – 160 VDC, current controlled
50A Peak / 4750W Peak whichever is lower
Output voltage range during nominal operation
0V – 160V unregulated
Peak Output Current
≥ 125 Amperes @ < 125 VDC
Rated Output Voltage
159.6 VDC @ 24O C
Total Capacitance
> 60 Farads @ 24O C
Peak Power Output
≥ 16000 W @ (125V minimum)
Overall efficiency> 0.99
Initial ESR (Supercapacitor bank as a whole, between terminals)<18 mΩ
Cell terminal interconnection assembly
Laser beam welded busbars
Dimensions of the tray module
Not to exceed
336mm (L) X 246mm (W) X 110mm(H)
Supercapacitor bank management system
Part #
Network InterfaceEthernet
Power Consumption<3W
Operating System
RTOS with Light weight IP
Protective functions for input over voltage and over current, output over current, system over temperature, automatic return to service on clearance of fault or upon command from the control station.
Temperature Sensors4 Nos.
Status monitoring
Instantaneous current, instantaneous voltage, instantaneous temperature at minimum 8 points inside the unit, input/output through/cut and reason
Supercapacitor bank Discharge Module
Part #HED_16
Discharge Current10A

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