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Hound Electric is a company with a prime focus in the electric mobility industry. Our products and services cover the design and development of Powertrain components (motors, controllers & battery pack) for automobiles focusing on the latest technology to ensure our goal of being a leading player in the industry giving utmost importance to design, quality and customer satisfaction.



Hound Electric has developed high-performance retrofitment kits for IC Engine vehicles. these kits are very economical for the oners as the cost of running is as low as .03₹ per km. we also offer retrofitment kits that can convert an ICE vehicle to a plugin hybrid vehicle. All our kits are bolton kits that require minimal technical knowledge to assebmle. an experienced technician will be able to fit everything in a couple of hours. We also do custom retrofitment kits on order. Checkout our store to find if your vehicle is compatible or contact us to get a quote on customized retrofitment kits.


Our range of high quality motors provides you with the best performance and reliability in the segment. They are long lasting, and the high efficiencies ensure longevity of the electronics and battery pack. Our motors are designed specificaly for indian road conditions in mind, which ensure the most bang for the buck over the long term.


We make our battery packs using the highest quality cells and BMS available. We use state-of-the-art technology to build our battery packs. All the packs undergo rigorous testing using the topnotch equipment at our facility before it shipped out. we can do custom battery packs of any size according to order. Checkout our r&d page to see some of the largest battery packs we have designed.



Our engineers are constantly breaking into new realms of technology for the development of an electric vehicle ecosystem. we provide customised services to companies and individuals on electric vehicle systems and help them integrate technology more efficiently into their products. we also offer turn key solutions for EV manufacturers on development and manufacturing fronts.


Part of our vision is to empower people to build better electric vehicles. so, we proide customised training to individuals and institutions on electric vehicle development. Our courses include training of employees to adapt them to the changing automotive industry scene and students to better equip them for the future of automotive techologies, thus making them more job-worthy.

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We support up-cycling and conversion of old vehicles to minimise cost and reduce the carbon footprint. For a greener tomorrow.

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Our design studio is an open creative iniciatives where most people can work on their projects. It is fully accessible for everyone who need creative space. Get in touch with us and know more about our work.


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